The Sophie Germain Fellowship Fundraising Drive

We are fundraising for the new Sophie Germain Fellowship to support outstanding women scientists in cosmology and particle physics at the Lagrange Institute.

To accompany the campaign we are running a collaborative art project: if you are one of our first 1000 supporters at the level of $25 or more, we will colorize a 10x10 pixel patch in the image below. After the first 1000 the threshold will rise to $50. When the campaign is complete you the donors will have created a unique, personalized artwork that we will keep displaying on this webpage. Hovering the mouse pointer over the colorized squares shows the names of the donors and the level of their support.

There are many other benefits to donating: cool 16 GB mini-USB keys with the ILP logo; a laser etched cube showing the cosmic web; in depth skype session with Ben Wandelt, the director of the Lagrange Institute, and much more - all this in addition to feeling good about supporting the cause of women in cosmology and particle physics, of course! Thank you for your contributions!

The image is updated every 2 minutes - if you came here straight from the fiatphysica page you might have to wait a few seconds and reload the page to see the colorized pixel square corresponding to your donation. Squares are highlighted from left to right and from top to bottom in the order donations are received.