Funding 2017

In 2017 the ILP does not offer full thesis fellowships but students are invited to apply for thesis fellowships in Paris directly through the doctoral schools:
In astrophysics ED 127. Applications deadline: May 2017 (TBC),
In theoretical physics ED-PIF. Applications deadline: May 5, 2017.

However the ILP will offer additional travel and research funds for three years to PhD students already enrolled in a doctoral school with a doctoral funding for 3 years.


The main objective of this fellowship is to offer the opportunity to the top-class students with an excellent background in physics, astro(particles)physics or theoretical physics to study in Paris and to be immersed in an internationally visible, world-class research environment in terms of intellectual, and computational resources, an extensive visitors' program, and significant involvement in the world's leading astronomical and (astro-)particle physics projects, such as Planck, Herschel, Euclid, CFHTLS, TeraPix, BOSS, SDSS III, VIPER, Square Kilometer Array, LHC, HESS, Auger, etc.
This additional funding is a way to train future researchers at the early stage of their scientific careers, and to help them develop (inter)national collaborations, disseminate scientific results, etc.


Funding is available for 3 academic years from the 1st of September/October, 2017.

Financial conditions

This additional funding of 5000 euros for 3 years is intended to cover miscellaneous fees such as registration fee for summer schools or conferences, travelling expenses to develop scientific collaborations, hardware, etc.


The fellowship is open to students of all nationalities, enrolled in a Doctoral School (ED PIF or ED127) and demonstrating academic excellence, outstanding potential for creative research, and leadership qualities.

Application procedure

Follow the application procedures relating to doctoral schools in theoretical physics ED-PIF or in astrophysics ED 127. Once you are granted a PhD thesis funding for 3 years, please send a notification to the ILP project coordinator (contact[at] mentioning that you apply for the ILP additional funding.