Scientific Committee

The Scientific Commitee is composed of:
7 members elected among the scientists of the participating laboratories and associated teams. To keep the process simple, each laboratory and associated team will elect one member among its scientists by an internal procedure, which can be different from one laboratory to the other,
7 members designated by the Steering Committee.

All mandates are for 5 years. To ensure continuity, members can be renewed one time. The chair of the Scientific Commitee elects its chair among its members. The chair of the Scientific Committee is invited to the meeting of the Steering Committee.

The Scientific Commitee evaluates all the proposals to the ILP. It establishes priorities, and makes recommendation to the Director for the budget allocations.

The Scientific Commitee, or ad hoc sub groups are in charge of the selection of applicants for all positions (students, post-docs and visiting scientists) opened in the framework of the ILP. It gives advices on all proposals of workshops and colloquia. It validates the course of study proposed at Master and post-Master level.

Members of the Scientific Committee

Francis Bernardeau
François Bouchet
Matteo Cacciari
Robert Cahn
Françoise Combes
Benoit Douçot
Dan Israël
Bertrand Laforge
Antoine Letessier-Selvon
Patrick Peter
Nicolas Regnault
Benoit Semelin
Joe Silk
Jean-Philippe Uzan
Licia Verde