LPTHE won a CNRS grant in the framework of program 80|Prime for the project DaMe Fer

The project "DaMe Fer - Investigating Primordial Black Holes as Dark Matter with the Fermi satellite” (PI Marco Cirelli) has been selected by CNRS within the context of the "80 Prime” grant scheme..


This scheme funds a limited number of interdisciplinary proposals to celebrates the 80 years of CNRS. "DaMe Fer” gathers a small number of astroparticle physics theorists and experimentalists from LPTHE, IAP Paris and LUPM Montpellier and will investigate the innovative idea of Dark Matter in the form of Primordial Black Holes using the gamma ray observations of the Fermi satellite.

Here is the list of the 80 laureates. You will find more details in CNRS presentation of the "80 Prime" grant scheme and on LUPM website.