Current Lagrange Postdoctoral Fellows

#Suvodip Mukherjee

I work on different aspects in cosmology to understand the imprints of fundamental physics in the Universe and develop observational schemes to measure it from the upcoming missions. My research broadly encompasses theoretical studies and statistical analysis of Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) and large scale structure. I am interested to work on CMB spectral distortions, secondary anisotropies in CMB, weak lensing and structure formation physics. Also work in developing statistical tools which can be used in the upcoming cosmology missions.

I completed my Ph.D in 2016 from IUCAA, India. During my doctoral research, I worked on the aspects primarily related to the hemispherical asymmetry of the CMB. Its theoretical origin and imprints on CMB polarization were studied. I also developed data analysis techniques to study different kinds of statistical anisotropy and developed a code to make statistically anisotropic CMB simulations which can be used in the future analysis.

List of publications: arxiv

Contact: suvodip.mukherjee[at]