Current PhD Thesis Fellows

#Andrea Mogini

I studied at the Paris VI University, where I got a Master's Degree in Nuclear and Particle Physics in 2015. Later that year, I started my PhD at LPNHE within the LHCb Collaboration and under the direction of Francesco Polci.

My research consists in the study of semileptonic B decays with the aim of uncovering the features of physics beyond the Standard Model (SM). Two different strategies are employed :
- Lepton Flavour Violating (LFV) B decays are searched for directly. This is motivated by the fact that recent results from the LHCb Collaboration showed hints of Lepton Non Universality and LFV would be a natural realisation of this scenario.
- An angular analysis is performed on the rare Electro-Weak Penguin B decays in order to test the predictions of the SM.

In parallel to these analyses, I am working on the tracking algorithm for the Scintillating Fibers Tracker that will be installed in the LHCb detector during the next upgrade.

Contact: amogini[at]