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#Marius Millea

I work mainly on extracting fundamental physics from cosmological observations (particularly observations of the Cosmic Microwave Background), having contributed at many different levels of this "pipeline".

At the highest level, I've worked out some of the latest constraints on weakly interacting particles such as neutrinos and axions from the CMB and other cosmological datasets. At a more intermediate level, I am working on applying Bayesian techniques to produce new more optimal methods for analyzing current and future CMB lensing datasets. And at the lowest level, I participate in the production and validation of CMB likelihoods themselves as a member of both the Planck and South Pole Telescope collaborations.

Throughout this, I am very interested the computational aspect of the extraction process itself. I run the volunteer computing project Cosmology@Home, and am excited about making use of various technologies that are not (yet) widely known in cosmology, for example Julia and Docker.

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