Current Lagrange Postdoctoral Fellows

#Paolo Francavilla

Member of the ATLAS collaboration since 2005 at CERN, I had the opportunity to play a relevant role on the ATLAS data taking during the LHC Run1 (acting as TileCal Run Coordinator in the second half of 2011) and on the measurement of jet production and properties. This period, enriched by the study the Monte Carlo generators used to simulate high energy particle collisions with the MCnet group, resulted in a Ph.D. thesis on the measurement of the inclusive jet cross section in ATLAS (awarded with the 2013 ATLAS thesis award).

Part of the group searching for the Higgs boson in the ATLAS experiment since beginning of 2012 with the IFAE-Barcelona group, I had different responsibilities in the search of the Higgs boson decaying in b-quarks.

This specific decay mode is of particular interest to complete the portrait of the new particle discovered in summer 2012, and it is part of my research plans founded by the ILP with the ATLAS group in the LPNHE.

With the ATLAS collaboration I am author of more than 250 papers, some relevant ones:
Phys.Rev. D86 (2012) 014022
Phys.Lett. B718 (2012) 369-390

Contact: pfrancav[at]