Doctorants ILP actuels

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Johannes Braathen

Born in Oslo, Norway, I grew up and did all my studies in France. After undergraduate studies in Physics and Mathematics, I obtained my Masters degree from the Theoretical Physics program at University Pierre and Marie Curie in 2015. I have now started my PhD at > more

Oscar de Felice

I grew up in a small village in the south of Italy, and then I decided to move to Trieste to start a bachelor in Physics. After a master in Theoretical Physics at the Imperial College in London, I began my PhD at LPTHE in October 2014, under the supervision of professor Michela Petrini > more

#Doogesh Kodi Ramanah

Born on the tropical island of Mauritius, I completed my undergraduate studies in Physics at the University of Mauritius in July 2014. Following the award of a postgraduate state scholarship, I opted for a Master's course in Theoretical Physics at Imperial College London. > more

#Andrea Mogini

I studied at the Paris VI University, where I got a Master's Degree in Nuclear and Particle Physics in 2015. Later that year, I started my PhD at LPNHE within the LHCb Collaboration and under the direction of Francesco Polci. > more

Matej Pavin

I was born in eastern Croatia and since young age I have been interested in physics. In July 2014, I received my master's degree in particle physics from the University of Zagreb. My master's thesis topic was "Lambda hyperon production in proton-carbon collisions". > more

Caterina Umiltà

Born in Italy, I carried on my studies at the University of Bologna, where I obtained a master degree in Astrophysics and Cosmology in 2014. Later that year, I joined the Lagrange Institute and came to Paris to work on my PhD project at the Institut d’Astrophysique de Paris where I work with Karim Benabed and Jean-François Cardoso. > more

Sophie Williamson

I grew up just outside of London in sunny England, and moved to Brighton to do my degree. In 2016, I obtained my integrated Master in Physics with a Research Placement from the University of Sussex. > more