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#Matej Pavin

I was born in eastern Croatia and since young age I have been interested in physics. In July 2014, I received my master's degree in particle physics from the University of Zagreb. My master's thesis topic was "Lambda hyperon production in proton-carbon collisions". Hadron production measurements are important part in predicting the neutrino fluxes for the T2K (Tokai to Kamioka) experiment in Japan.

Since October 2014, I have joined T2K group at the LPNHE in Paris and started my PhD under the supervision of Boris Popov. At present my work includes analyzing the data produced by impinging protons on the 90 cm long graphite target at the NA61/SHINE experiment at CERN. The results then will be used to constrain neutrino flux in the T2K experiment. Also I will continue to develop a generic tool based on the ROOT Virtual Monte Carlo, which has been developed by the T2K group at the LPNHE. This tool will be used for the precise neutrino flux prediction in the on-going and future long-baseline neutrino experiments.

Contact: matej.pavin[at]