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#Albin James

I am interested in understanding aspects of quantum field theories through Feynman diagram calculations. I joined the Laboratoire de Physique Théorique et Hautes Energies (LPTHE) in October 2019 as an ILP fellow, and am working with prof. Sofian Teber. We use multi-loop techniques for massless Feynman diagrams to obtain perturbative and non-perturbative information about QFTs. In particular, we study the phenomenon of dynamical fermion mass generation through quantum corrections, in the framework of Schwinger-Dyson equations and the large N expansion. These equations are non-perturbative in nature, and lead to the critical fermion flavour number below which the theory becomes massive. We are especially interested in odd dimensional models where novel features arise due to Feynman diagrams with half-integer indices. Currently we are studying the supersymmetric quantum electrodynamics in 3 dimensions with minimal supersymmetry. We aim to calculate the next to leading order (NLO) correction to the critical flavour number in this theory.

Previously I did my PhD at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles under prof. Itzhak Bars. In this work, I studied the perturbative structure of open string field theory at the one-loop level and properties of Weyl symmetric spacetime backgrounds.

List of publications: inspirehep

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Contact: albinjames[at]lpthe[dot]jussieu[dot]fr