Lagrange Institute Thematic Day on Methods: Solutions and Challenges

The format will consist of a sequence of short talks. There will be two types of contributions.

> "Solutions:" 12+3 min talks (problem statement, solution, example application). Solution talks should present methods that potentially have broader application than to the particular subject.

> We will also have time for 5 min "challenges" (interesting unsolved problems for the assembled experts) in case people have ideas.


14:00-16:00 First Session
14:00 Benjamin Wandelt (IAP) "Iterative solution of a class of linear systems without preconditioner"
14:15Christophe Pichon (IAP) "Gaussian random fields for (mathematica) dummies"
14:30Guilhem Lavaux (IAP)"Partially collapsed sampling and ultra fast constrained Gaussian random fields"
14:45Jean-François Cardoso (CNRS)"ICA/component separation or Information Geometry"
15:00Sheer El-Showk (CERN/LPTHE)"Bootstrap/optimization/CFT approach to critical points"
15:15Jean-Philippe Lenain (LPNHE)"Using the EGI grid in 'small' collaborations"
15:30Michael Joyce (LPNHE) "Algorithms for generating very uniform point processes"
15:45Marta Volonteri (IAP) "How to reconcile resolution and sample size: semi-analytical codes vs simulations"
16:00-16:30 Coffee break
16:30-18:00 Second Session
16:30Matteo Cacciari (LPTHE) "Computational geometry approach to agglomerative hierarchical clustering"
16:45Sofian Teber (LPTHE) "The Method of Uniqueness: new application of a powerful technique for multi-loop calculations"
17:00Frdéric Derue (LPNHE) "Matrix Element Method for the top quark mass measurement"
17:15Bogdan Malaescu (LPNHE) "Evaluation and treatment of correlated uncertainties"
17:30Giovanni Marchiori (LPNHE) "Multivariate classification and regression in ATLAS with TMVA"
17:45Etienne Barrelet (LPNHE) "High precision illumination calibration methods: photon field at 10^-6 RMS"
18:00Wine and Cheese Reception